The platform ARPEGE is dedicated to extensive analysis of the structural and functional features of protein complexes. It allows the characterization of all kinds of specific interactions either between ligand and target, protein partners, and signaling complexes.

The ARPEGE platform is managed by a team of highly experienced receptor biology and luminescence-based technique specialists. Its service offer is made available to academic laboratories, biotech as well as pharma and other industrial companies.

Using a wide variety of advanced analysis techniques (BRET, FRET, TR-FRET…), it is possible to perform multiple cell-based assays in order to extensively analyze protein target features like ligand-binding, receptor dimerization, second messengers production or protein phosphorylation.

The available equipment includes a selection of the most efficient and sensitive plate readers adapted to luminescence analyses in medium-throughput format.

The platform’s staff organizes many communication operations and scientific workshops.

The ARPEGE platform has been approved to the Quality Management System Standards : ISO 9001:2015 in 2017.