To improve its services, the platform staff provides tools to its customers (reagents, protocols, procedures) in order to simplify the implementation of new assays. The available BRET, TR-FRET/HTRF® and fluorescence-based assays were validated by the platform staff. HTRF® kits, not provided by the platform, are available at CisBio Bioassays.

Available assaysTechniquesPrinciple
LuminescenceReceptor binding assayTR-FRETclick here
Receptor internalisationTR-FRETclick here
Calcium sensorFluorescence (Fluo4 sensor)click here
IP1 assay kitHTRF®click here
cAMP assay kitHTRF®click here
cAMP sensorLuminescence (Glosensor®)click here
Phospho-ERK assay kitHTRF®click here