Mithras LB940 n°2

Mithras LB940





Responsable technique : Claire VOL

Applications :

– interactions protéines-protéines,
– productions de seconds messagers…

Autres applications : voir le responsable technique.

Spécification technique pour l’application :

Detection ModesBRET
Measurement ModesTop and bottom reading,
Endpoint and Kinetic measurements,
Sequential Multi Excitation measurements,
Sequential Multi Emission measurements,
Simultaneous Dual Emission measurements,
Real-time ratiometric measurements,
Well Scanning.
Microplate FormatsUp to 384-well plates
Light SourcesHalogen lamp
DetectorsLow-noise photomultiplier with single photon counting technology
Excitation filters355 nm, 405 nm, 485 nm.
Emission filters410 nm (BRET2), 460 nm,
480 nm (BRET1), 515 nm (BRET2), 535 nm, 540 nm (BRET1),
560 nm.
<20 fmol FITC,
<20 amol ATP.
CrosstalkLow crosstalk due to crosstalk reduction methods :
Temperature control+5°C above room temperature to 45°C
Reagent InjectionUp to 4 injectors, JET injection technology,
Variable volumes : 10 - 100 µL,
Injection into microplates with up to 384 wells.
Shaking3 modes : linear, orbital, double-orbital,
Variable amplitude and speed
Operation modes
Integral measurement0.1 - 600 secondes
Kinetics measurementTotal length up to 24h
Repeated measurementTotal length up to 24h
Plate repeatsUp to 999
ScanningUp to 100 single data points
DelayUp to 600 second