Mithras LB940 n°1





Responsable technique : Claire VOL

Applications :

– interactions protéines-protéines,
– production de seconds messagers…

Autres applications : voir le responsable technique.

Spécification technique pour l’application :

Detection ModesBRET
Measurement ModesTop and bottom reading,
Endpoint and Kinetic measurements,
Sequential Multi Excitation measurements,
Sequential Multi Emission measurements,
Simultaneous Dual Emission measurements,
Real-time ratiometric measurements,
Well Scanning.
Microplate FormatsUp to 384-well plates
Light SourcesHalogen lamp
DetectorsLow-noise photomultiplier with single photon counting technology
Excitation filters355 nm, 485 nm.
Emission filters410 nm, 460 nm, 485 nm,
515 nm, 530 nm, 535 nm.
<20 fmol FITC,
<20 amol ATP.
CrosstalkLow crosstalk due to crosstalk reduction methods :
Temperature control+5°C above room temperature to 45°C
Reagent InjectionUp to 4 injectors, JET injection technology,
Variable volumes : 10 - 100 µL,
Injection into microplates with up to 384 wells.
Shaking3 modes : linear, orbital, double-orbital,
Variable amplitude and speed
Operation modes
Integral measurement0.1 - 600 secondes
Kinetics measurementTotal length up to 24h
Repeated measurementTotal length up to 24h
Plate repeatsUp to 999
ScanningUp to 100 single data points
DelayUp to 600 second